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This is my page for shout outs, if you're not on here and wanna be then e-mail me or IM me and I'll make sure you get put on it.


Hey Ju-Ju Bug! I've known you for...7 years now! It seems like I've known you all my life though, your like a sister to me. :) We've had lots of great times lol, like Shadow's swimming lessons..the Julie and Alex show..Mike, the mentally retarded black man LOL...Maria and Shadow's raindance..mixing star wars with zelda..our fight about mortal combat and zelda...eggs, cheese, and bacon LOL...contacting Sara...our 'slayer phase'...our 'cheerleader phase' *shudders*...staying up alll night long singing along with the spice world movie until it drove my grandparents crazy...LOL we've had so many memories..


Hey Jesserica!!! lol o god..should i even go through all the times we've had? lol oh boy...too many to count. But I want you to know I'll always be there for you when you need someone to talk to or if you ever have a mental breakdown, lol. And I'll always go to you with my problems when my bi-polerness kicks in. My words of wisdom- You know you're not perfect so stop trying to be!!!! Ive known you for 8 years now. Looooong time. Thats over half my life. Hopefully we'll always stay friends..especially when you get elected president and you make my your advisor...muahahahahaaaa!!!!!! lolol 


Hey Jessereee...aka Sarah lol. I've known you since...i think for ever lol. I'm turning you into Davey Havok :-D And when you're older you get to be Criss. You better stay my friend and still remember me once you're a famous actor and have everyone drooling over you!! And you rock!! And never think that I'd stop being your friend for someone else. And the most important thing I have to tell you is this so listen up verrrry's..OMG!!! JACK THE RIPPER!!!! AHHHHHHHH *stabbing noises and screams*


Hey Catter, what's up muh child chick dude vampie sistah yo?? lol :-p I hope I can come to the concert with you..I'm still begging my mom..she said maybe. And we can go shopping at the Village!! And I can meet Sean and Alana. I wanna go!! And if not..I'm gonna hafta break out the frying pans lolol



Hey Howwee, lol who's the bitch nooooow?????!!!! I luv ya like a fat kid loves cake. Remember all the crazy times we've had...when we were in all of eachother's classes..makeing a cake with Jenn for school and the lunchladies served it to the kids and they all got sick..ur obsession with chickens...and chinese ppl..LOL "erica, come hea!!!!"...when we got in fight for a whole hour...goats!!!...and when we made popcorn but it burned so we threw it in a bush and hoped no one would notice...when we slept over tristyn's and played truth or dare with the big mexican are so many times..i think my favorite one was my 14th birthday. Well, at first you and Julie sat on my cowch all day making fun of me and makeing me watch 8 Legged Freaks..but later on when I was having the worst birthday ever you were there for me and gave me a hug lol, and when I lost all hope of Criss calling you said "Don't worry, I know he'll call." and then the phone rang...and all I heard was "Alexa?" and then u started stuttering "n-n-nooo hold on..." and after i hung up we started screaming!!! and u cried with me lol. I'll always remember that day. :) Siamese slut sisters forever!!


Hiii. I hope I can go to R.I. sometime soon and visit. I miss everyone there. :(  Maybe we can hang out at the Emerald Square Mall or something.  And even though we're not still together, I hope we still stay friends for a long time. :) I'll always be there to talk and stuff. Umm..hope your spleen is doin good :-p Well, ttyl